Monday, August 13, 2007

ALIFE x Puma; Shirts & Shoes

(more pics at botton)

I came across this at HighSnobiety. I won't swagger jack the long time members of eBlogger so just check the shit out real quick, Easter colors are always dope. The new site is nice too.

Shout out guys.


Anonymous said...

nohate but you drop a blog with "whats gayer purple or pink" and then you're promoting shoes of those colors...?

enlighten my dude.


DZA said...

LOL, I was kinda asking for it just outta curiousity to see how people would react but ehh.. It's not so much if it's a mixed coronation of colors than if it's rockin a pink shirt, nameen? That was my homies main argument, color for color. Even mixed I usually don't like pink, this is a rare case. I said gayer not gay. lol ..... but it's usually gay :D

Ely said...

never been a fan of pastels

If they had white or grey or something instead of the pastels, Ida thought those were kind of dope

Harry said...

You are rocking Puma, those shoes with amazing pattern and stuff looks very unique and dazzling.