Friday, August 10, 2007

An Old Favorite; The Gifted One

The year was 2003 and I had finally decided it was time to put down 'Get Rich or Die Tryin'. I was looking for something new and innovative and was attempting to re-play some old De La Soul, Tribe, and other lighter Hip-Hop albums. Commons 'Electric Circus' was much of a let down the year before and though I was fairly satisfied with my collection, I needed something out there. That's when I fell upon a single called 'Ghetto Pop Life' from a rapper named Jemini. Production also by a mysterious artist named DJ Danger Mouse. The intro is what first caught my attention. The brilliant chorus really drew me in, I had to know more. I then heard a second single, 'Knuckle Sandwich'.

After a good week or two of searching every record store in town, I resorted to the internet. Ghetto Pop Life was the album titled after the first single. I copped it and couldn't put it down for a good 4 months. Flawless and brilliant rhymes such as

"I'm prepared for the storm
And I brought the heat with me
Lord, please talk to these boys
'Fore I leave they evening spoiled
Put 'em six feet up under the soil
Looking at the roots of trees
Better yet leave they bodies all out in the open so the flies can feed
And when the 'hood get dry I supply the need
Y'all faggot niggaz keep it moving, honey riding with me

His style was something fresh and just what I needed to re-instill my faith in Hip-Hop. Nearly four years later and I'm still bumpin 'Omega Supreme'. Just a shot out to Jem, The Gifted One. Check him out at his MySpace or listen to a few of his singles for free here at

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