Friday, August 10, 2007

Underground Kingz

I remember when I first heard Ridin' Dirty. Shit blew my mind, although it took a couple listens to really get in the mode. It was something new and the Southern vibe seemed a lot more oblivious than that of Goodie Mob or Outkast. I knew it was gonna be hot. Over ten years later and it's now considered a classic, with which I wholeheartedly agree. All though it was Pimp C and Bun B's 5th studio album, Ridin' Dirty is what really put them on the map.

UGK recently released their 7th studio album, tentatively titled "Underground Kingz". As much as I was looking forward to criticizing this album, whether it may be constructive or destructive, I can't seem to do it. They have done what many would have hoped and re-created a true classic. With obvious future classics like 'International Player's Anthem' and 'The Game Belongs to Me', it's evident UGK is going nowhere for sometime. That's not all they had to offer though. It's not just laced with fillers. Underground Kingz makes every track enjoyable with bangers like 'Two Types of Bitches' featuring Dizzee Rascal, the UK sensation. Not to mention, 'Life is 2009', a second rendition of Too $hort's 'Life is Too Short' featuring the artist himself.

With that, UGK has done it again. Let's just hope Pimp C's comments on ATL this past week don't affect any ones decision to give the album a chance.

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