Wednesday, September 26, 2007

iPhone: Where is the Love?

Since the release of the iPhone, I've heard stories of people shooting, stabbing, fighting, and conniving to steal one from others. I've also seen reports of people trading unlocked iPhones for mass amounts of cash or other items. Does this new media phenomenon really hold true to the positive, enlightening status it attempts to promote in commercials? My opinion: hardly. It also isn't worth the buy; locked or unlocked in the first place. The iPhone holds up to a maximum of 8GB, my BlackBery Pearl holds only 1GB but I have very useful Zune player that holds 30GB. Not to mention, that space needs to go to videos, music, and many other space consuming goodies on your beautiful little phone. Is it really worth it? Just to have it all in one?

I think not. I much rather value my 30GB of music, videos, pictures, and FM radio on my Zune AND my 1GB that can hold all the ring tones and photos I'll ever need on my cellular device. Plus you can attain some pretty cool applications for your Pearl 8100 such as my most recent one, the ColorPearl, that allows you to change the color of the trackball on your Pearl. My advice to anyone contemplating buying the iPhone, re-think the true value. Don't just buy it for the mainstream appeal.

For anyone with a BB Pearl 8100, you can find the application here. It allows you to alter your trackball to tons of different colors.

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IDILL said...

i gots 2 homies with blackberries.

im good with my rizr.