Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chamillionaire - Mixtape Messiah 5

NEW shit from Cham. 8.5/10 on my scale. Better than 4 and almost 3.

01 Intro 04:16
02 Keep Hatin' (Go Hard)
03 Swagga Like Us
04 I Got
05 Internet Nerd's Brother
06 When The Trunk Pop
07 Hi Haters
08 All I Got Is Pain
09 When I Be Swangin'
10 Driving Down The Freeway
11 Bust My Windows
12 Roy Woods, Jr. (Skit)
13 Get Like Me (feat. Famous)
14 Pop Champagne
15 Comfortable
16 Comfortable (Skit)
17 Air Forces
18 Ready For Whatever
19 Do Ya Thang
20 Creepin' Break
21 Live Your Life
22 I'm So Paid

Chamillionaire - Mixtape Messiah 5 (RapidShare)

Keep Hatin Part II - (from MM5)

R.I.P. Flint-Town Legend; MC Breed

The year was 1991 and Breed had just put out his first musical effort with local Flint, MI rap group, MC Breed & DFC. The album was host to two of his earliest classic singles 'Ain't No Future in Yo Frontin' and 'Just Kickin It'. In 1992, Breed released his first solo effort "20 Below".

Over the next 16 years he would have mostly limited success but still manage to create works of masterpiece as one of the first, or quite possibly the very first successful Mid-West rap artist. Throughout his extensive career, Breed has collaborated with artists such as Tupac, Too $hort and the D.O.C. not to mention many more.

On September 5th, 2008 he became deathly ill but managed to recover to what seemed a healthy status but in less than 3 months his kidneys failed to hold up any longer. It is believed that Eric Breed died sometime in his sleep on November 22nd, 2008.

May he rest in peace and be forever remembered as a staple in Hip-Hop's culture and a fore-father of the Mid-West uprising.

R.I.P. MC Breed

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


One day later and it's NOT a dream! lol

I hope you all enjoyed the ride. Now that we've made it, don't let the biased, ignorant, illiterate and un-educated stop us from further progess. In fact, take the time out to try and help them! Let's do Obama proud as people of our nation and he will do us the same! Thanks for all the support and in helping us change history.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Joe Budden - Halfway House (2008)

1. Intro
2. On My Grind
3. Overkill (ft. Hearbreak)
4. Check me out
5. Sidetracked
6. Slaughterhouse (ft. Joell Ortiz, Nino Bless, Crooked I & Royce Da 5'9")
7. Under The Sun
8. The Soul
9. Anything Goes
10. Go To Hell
11. Just To Be Different
12. Touch n Go

Joe Budden - Halfway House (Mediafire)

For the most part I'm not even a Budden fan but he definitley steps his game up more and more with each release. I enjoyed a good portion of this street album. He managed to create some decent tracks without clouding his album with featured artists. The only thing I was disappointed highly with was the track 'Slaughterhouse' only because Joe was somewhat out-shined by verses from Joell Ortiz and Crooked I. Overall, I give it 3 1/4 MICS out of 5. lol


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Arizona State Fair 2008

I went to the State Fair last night and I have to say, it was exceptionally better than my last few visits. Although, the fact that I was extremely intoxicated and high might have played a role, I haven't had that much fun at a local Phoenix event in quite a while. The performances from Coolio and Naughty By Nature also lit a fire up under my ass so much that I couldn't help but rush the stage from my seats in the upper third row. Sneaking past the security at each seating section was just half of the fun. I made it up there just in time to hear jams like "Hip-Hop Hooray" and "Jamboree". I was so psyched that after they finished performing, I managed to run past security again and hop on the stage but by then Treach and Vin Rock had already exited. I let the guest DJ know that the performance was amazing and to tell Naughty I'm eagerly awaiting a new album.

After the concert portion, we went out into the Fair grounds and went on the three most adrenaline pumping rides available. I managed to keep down the half a bottle of Prestige Rum I downed earlier throughout the night, but my shoes didn't stay on for all the rides. On the final ride, it felt like we were suspended upside for at least 2 or 3 minutes. Eventually we ALL started screaming (and laughing) that we had been upside down forever. Once we came down to our feet and gathered ourselves to leave, I took in the experience and contently made my way to the entrance. We walked the mile or so back to Encanto park (where we parked for free) and headed back home.

This years attractions and performances re-instilled some happiness in me for the time being. But it's not over! I'll be there again next weekend to see LL Cool J perform live.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Reason 4 + Nuendo 3

I just got a link for these and been fooling around with them. Great programs for at least somewhat advanced users. Check them out. The links are either a handful of parted MegaUploads or Torrent files. Once you've downloaded the Reason 4 you'll need Daemon Tools to run the ISO file, so if you don't already have that then I'll provide a link at the bottom. There's a tutorial at the bottom.

(MegaUpload; Parts 1-17)
Reason part 1
Reason part 2
Reason part 3
Reason part 4
Reason part 5
Reason part 6
Reason part 7
Reason part 8
Reason part 9
Reason part 10
Reason part 11
Reason part 12
Reason part 13
Reason part 14
Reason part 15
Reason part 16
Reason part 17
PART 18!!!

Torrent via isohunt
Reason 4 Torrent

(MegaUpload; Part 1-3)
Nuendo 3 part 1
Nuendo 3 part 2
Nuendo 3 part 3

Torrent via isohunt
Nuendo 3 Torrent

Also, don't forget to cop this if you need it.

Daemon Tools (If these versions don't work, google for any version. They all work the same and are free)

If you don't know why you might need it, its to play the ISO (image) file and mount it to a drive so it can play the exe. for installation. Just download and install AFTER you have Reason 4 completely downloaded. Then once installed, open it, the icon is in the tab bar down in the right-hand corner. Just right click, go to "Virtual CD/DVD Rom" then over to "Mount Image" and search for the ISO file you just downloaded with Reason. Once mounted, it should automatically bring up installation. Install, use keygen as needed and you have yourself a copy of Reason 4.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Bloody Life: The Making of a Latin King

In my 20 years on this earth not only have I become very involved in the gangbang culture physically but emotionally. I have researched, observed, partook in gang activity (unbeknownst to most) and read many first-hand accounts of gangbanger life on numerous occasions. I would just like to say this sits on a pedestal next to Blue Rage, Black Redemption (The autobiography of Stanley "Tookie" Williams, co-founder of the notorious street gang, The Crips). Not for it's intense wordplay or even so-often touching moments but for its frequent and accurate accounts of hood life and what truly goes on in the deep, inner-cities of today. I hope anyone who is a fan of Tookie's life story and was as touched as I was, gets a chance to read this book for themselves.

Reymundo Sanchez recalls life growing up in Chicago, starting at a very young age after his family moved from Puerto Rico. His tragic events include everything from rape and being raped, to murder/homocide, drug abuse and his biggest struggle: making it OUT alive after pursuing a life as a ruthless gangster. Almost every page captures a vivid picture of everyday life for a young minority attempting to prove himself to his Latin comrades and escape his own cowardice. The shock value is far above it's predecessors but lacks true heartfelt compassion until the very end. Once he captures that moment though, you feel as if he really accomplished and climaxed at a level beyond expected. I would, again, recommend this book to anybody interested in the dangers of inner-city violence and the troubled urban youth of today.

Other novels by Sanchez or co-wrote by him include:

Lady Q: The Rise And Fall Of A Latin Queen
(by Reymundo Sanchez & Sonia Rodriguez)

Once A King, Always A King
(by Reymundo Sanchez)

You can find all books at your local Barnes & Noble or online at
Also, I'm not sure if this is his official page but its the only current account under that name that logs on everyday, so show some love

Reymundo Sanchez on

Leaf Erikson - The Great Big Nothing

Just stumbled upon this over at RHHB.blogspot
It's simply amazing and if you don't already have it (which chances are you don't) you need to cop this immediately. The D doesn't have a lot of artists but they are always on point. Get em'

01. Rare Form
02. 15800
03. Everywhere But Nowhere
04. Rain Delay
05. Dumbstruck
06. Work ft. AC Pull & Buried Glory
07. Almost Time 4 Life ft. Blake Eerie
08. Uranus
09. Third Person
10. Dis ft. AHK
11. Motor City Madness ft. Blake Eerie
12. End All, Be All
13. Djarum

The Great Big Nothing (RapidShare)


Friday, October 10, 2008

BlackBerry Storm: What Can We Expect?

Finally something new besides the Curve or an updated Pearl we can look forward too. Some time last year I wrote a review on the iPhone and it's pros & cons along with a short comparison to the BlackBerry Pearl. After careful consideration, I realized even though I much prefer a Pearl 8100 over the infamous iPhone, that BlackBerry should have a better selection to offer it's customers.

Now we have something that can truly compete with the future of touch screen smartphones and such advanced technological devices. The BlackBerry Storm will be the first phone that can compete with anything like the iPhone. I won't list all the specs of each phone in comparison, however, it is already showing signs of a better device such as the 3.2 megapixel camera as opposed to the iPhones limited 2.0 megapixel (which even the BlackBerry Pearl was limited to). Other advanced specs include a higher screen resolution (480 x 360), and of course it will be available for Verizon carriers.

This is very limited compared to the iPhone, however if your like me and you've read my pros & cons about the iPhone in regards to not needing a full-on-8GB hard drive or more for MP3 and video storage, this might still be the selection for you. It comes stock with a 1GB onboard storage, expandable memory by microSD card and an option to upgrade with a 128MB flash drive. Some advancements from the Pearl include video recording, touch-screen integration of course and an updated web browser that is expected to exceed that of it's predecessor. If you're a BlackBerry fan I would definitely be looking out for this beauty when it arrives in stores November 4th, 2008.

Also, keep your eyes and ears open for the BlackBerry Javelin and a possible T-Mobile Bold release which might open up easier, more broad options of a new G3 phone for T-Mobile users.

To check out all the specifications and details, click the link below. Also, click the other link to check out my previous review.

BlackBerry Storm

iPhone: Where Is The Love?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kimbo Slice Knocked Out In 14 Seconds

Lol, it seems like Petru was just as surprised as everybody else.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Termanology: Politics As Usual

Termanology is back again and delivering some heat with his latest release "Politics As Usual". This is Term's first official album release to date, being released on record label, Nature Sounds. As usual he's not only is delivering fierce rhymes but has an arsenal of beats to attend at his side. The album features production from Large Professor, The Alchemist, Hi-Tek, Pete Rock and of course DJ Premier. Although the intense lyricism and above average flow are impressive, Term seems to be lacking some sense of mainstream and even underground appeal. He seems to be caught in a paradox where gaining a larger fanbase isn't so achievable. However, I do deem this album worth buying if you have the extra dough and definitely worth checking out at least to see what you think.

01. It's Time (prod. by Easy Mo Bee) 00:52
02. Watch How It Go Down (prod. by DJ Premier) 04:01
03. Respect My Walk (prod. by Buckwild) 03:03
04. Hood Shit (feat. Prodigy) (prod. by The Alchemist) 03:55
05. Float (prod. by Nottz) 03:15
06. Please Don't Go (prod. by Nottz) 04:27
07. How We Rock (feat. Bun B) (prod. by DJ Premier) 03:57
08. Drugs, Crime, & Gorillaz (feat. Sheek Louch & Freeway) 03:52
(prod. by Nottz)
09. In The Streets (feat. Lil' Fame) (prod. by Hi-Tek) 03:54
10. So Amazing (prod. by DJ Premier) 03:53
11. Sorry I Lied To You (prod. by Large Professor) 03:04
12. We Killin' Ourselves (prod. by Pete Rock) 03:58
13. The Chosen (prod. by Havoc) 03:26

Termanology - Politics As Usual (RapidShare)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This years Flying Coffin Halloween Pack will being going on sale TONIGHT at 12AM. I missed out on mine barely last year so make sure your ready with your credit/debit cards! The special edition T-Shirt and hat are both pumpkinhead themed and the hats interior is a combination of "pumpkin guts on satin" as put it.

Again, both the tee and hat will be going up for sale at 12:00AM October, 1st.

Enjoy the previews and both pieces can be found at the following distributors. ;)

goods (WA), 5 & a dime (SD), kicks/hi (HI), union (NY), beantic (CA), major (DC), boundless (NY), rco (CA), speakeasy (CO), ftc sac (CA), hecklewood (OR), krudmart (NY), saint alfred (IL), the denver shop (CO), fitted (HI), citizen (MI), hospitality (VA), monkey bizz (sweden).

5 Hottest Emcee's From Phoenix, Arizona

Willy Northpole

- Coming straight outta South Phoenix, Northpole's blend of West Coast Gangsta Rap and hot club tracks can easily be identified as the most popular and notable artist thus far. He is certainly paving a new road for Arizona artists, especially with his 2008 break-out hit 'Body Marked Up' which boasts the tales of tattooed criminals and thugs. Willy Northpole also signed to Ludacris' label, DTP. Hopefully he hangs in there, kicks out some bangers and drops an album.


- Since his signing with Black Wall Street, Juice has released a slew of singles that hit the airwaves in the greater Phoenix area along with a mixtape/street album titled 'Death Certificate' that featured such revered artists as Jay-Z, Scarface, Nas, and many more. He has been compared to his label Co-Owner and affiliate, The Game, on many occasions and widely regarded as one of the best emcees in Phoenix.


- One of Phoenix's first nationally recognized emcees, Atllas has come along way from being featured on an episode of MTV's "Made". Growing up in Maryville on the West Side of Phoenix wasn't the easiest accomplishment, so after accruing a sufficient amount of funds, he invested into recording his musical talents. He has managed to become affiliated with legendary underground label, Rawkus Records and has been featured in notable Hip-Hop magazines The Source and XXL. He has released two full-length albums which have sold as many as +40,000 copies and 6 mixtapes. He is also looking to released a third album titled, "Say Hello To The Crook".

Roca Dolla

- Roca Dolla is one of many artists signed to the independent label, 5fith Coast Records, strictly promoting Arizona artists. Despite his obscurity, he has managed to gain a lot of hometown publicity with the hit single "Swell" not to mention opening for larger acts, one of which includes another local favorite, Willy Northpole. He recently released his debut album "Roca is A Classic". Many appearances from Phoenix rappers are made on the album, which again include Northpole, C-Note, and Man-Up Squad affiliate Cinque.


- Last, we have Cinque. Although, unsigned and unrecognized nationally unlike the rest of the listed emcees, Cinque has a more lyrical style but still manages to intergrate a hardcore Gangsta Rap theme into his music. He is closely associated with Man-Up Squad and fellow member, Willy Northpole. He has released numerous mixtapes and even a street album called "Angel Dust" and has also been known to collaborate with Phoenix rapper Hot Rod who is currently signed to G-Unit Records. Whatever Arizona has in store for it's future in Hip-Hop, I'm sure we'll be seeing more of Q.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Flying Coffin Fall 2008

This is just a peek at what Flying Coffin has in store for the fall and winter of the 2008 season. The hat shown above is priced at $45 and the tee at $33. Both pieces can be purchased at in the store section. For a direct link see below. Check out there other new designs and colors available this season.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Green Jello / Jelly 2008 Re-Union

In 2008, Green Jelly decided to tour yet again across the United States on what is thus far known as the "GREEN JELLO, RADIOACTIVE CHICKEN HEADS, MANDOWN & ROSEMARYS BILLYGOAT Tour". Fans eagerly await the beginning of the tour which kicks off on September 17th. For more information, go to the Green Jelly MySpace Page at

"The year was 1981 and Green Jelly (or then known as Green Jello) would become one of
the most obscure but also one of the most inspiring comedy relief punk bands of its time. By 1984 they released there first EP effort, 'Let It Be'. Numerous songs ended up on later albums and were known to Green Jello fans as classic such as "Whip Me Teenage Babe" which ended up on there 1989 debut Triple Live Möther Gööse at Budokan.

Although commercial success was never something Green Jello accomplished to the full extent, they did have there short stint in the spot light with the released of 1992's "Three Little Pigs", the story of how the commonly referred to fairytale characters, were nothing more than pot-smoking, trouble makers. The single caught heavy rotation on MTV and amongst popular radio stations. It even featured a cameo by Tool lead singer Maynard James Keenan.

Heavily influenced by Shock-Rock band GWAR, Green Jelly was even noted to have learned how to make there latex costumes from the inspirational group. Though there antics didn't earn them glorious fab and fame, they remain a favorite to many, especially for their notoriety as trying to be the worst band ever.

I know I'll be seeing them September 22nd in Phoenix, AZ.

Words by: DZA

Thursday, August 28, 2008

How to Make: Authentic Prison Hooch

Before reading this, please do realize, that this is not your fancy guide for making snazzy Wine. It's simply a fun how-to-do, for your average Joe looking to have some fun and learn something new.

During my long, boring stay in Montana, I decided it was time to liven up the mood and in commemoration of vaycaying in Hicksville USA, I thought today I would show you how to prepare a special drink popularized amongst prison inmates. Though it isn't your ordinary alcoholic beverage, it is certainly good enough to get fucked up off of. First I'll list off the things needed to create this nector of the Gods (LOL).

1. Sugar, lots of it. Things you may want to include are sugar cubes, cane sugar, fruit drink mixes (Kool-Aid mix), Fruit, Kethcup, etc.

2. A source of yeast. Cooking yeast will do but in the spirit of making authentic Hooch I just balled up some old bread and stuffed it in a sock. Don't worry, you could put freshly molded bread inside of your concoction and the yeast would die off once fully fermented.

3. Some kind of juice. I used good ol' O.J. but anything will work. Add water depending on how strong you want it, I didn't add any because I only used a two-liter (Plus I like it strong!).

4. A container of some sort. This can be anything. A lot of homemade batches of Hooch are even prepared in a garbage bag.

Okay, once you have everything you more or less mix it together in no particular order and stick it some where warm to ferment over the next 7 days.

Now the crucial part is making sure you have some sort of opening to let the Carbon Dioxide out or it will explode. Do not make the opening too large OR if you are up to maintaining it, you can burp your container periodically so it doesn't blow up.

Once the 7 days are up, strain the liquid out with a coffee filter or something else (a few times to be sure there is no dead yeast floating in your Hooch) and drink up.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Game's Pain or Pain in the Game?

Since his mainstream debut in 2005, there have been mixed feelings about the West Coast rapper and his volatile lyrics which contain violence, sex, drugs, and an in-depth look at the ever changing rap game. However, The Game has found a way to shed positive light whether it's having a "Dream" or "paying homage" to those who've paved the way for him. His upcoming album L.A.X. is highly anticipated amongst diehard fans and other gangsta rap enthusiasts and also has a lengthy feature line up with artists such as Raekwon, DMX, Busta Rhymes, Common, Kanye West, Nas, Lil Wayne, Ice Cube, Ludacris and more. Though the release has been pushed back numerous times, the final date is set to drop on August 26th of this year. The Game has made recent statements that L.A.X. could very well be his last album. In either instance, I don't think his fans will be disappointed. Here's a few of his latest singles off the album including the newest "Dope Boys" featuring Travis Barker playing the drums.

The Game ft. Keyshia Cole - Game's Pain

The Game ft. Travis Barker - Dope Boys


AZ ft. Styles P - The Hardest

AZ - Undeniable (2008)

1. The Game Don't Stop
2. Superstar
3. Life On The Line
4. Fire
5. What Would You Do Jay Rush
6. Dead End
7. Parking Lot Pimpin'
8. Undeniable
9. Go Getta ft. Ray J
10. Now I Know
11. A.Game
12. The Hardest ft. Styles P

AZ - Undeniable (RapidShare)
AZ - Undeniable (MegaUpload)

ASTATE Recordings

We're gonna be kicking things off real soon. Add em' here at

Show some love

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

UNDFTD x Chuck Taylor

This beautiful collaboration between underground clothing company and long-time shoe company Converse blends together an old school style along with art by Geoff McFetridge. The project was started in order to contribute profits to the relief organization, Product Red. You can get a pair for about $92 + Shipping. Get yours below at


Mosley Tribes x Crooks & Castles: The Pre-Order

The release behind these sleek, street savy shades is set for mid June and will go for around $250. They will come in two color schemes.

Style 1 with a frame color: Matte Black, lens color: Grey Gradient, and Bridge/Temple color: Gold.
Style 2 with a frame color: Ivory White, lens color: Spice Brown, and a Bridge/ Temple color: Brushed Platinum.

Contact NOW for Pre-order details (323) 944-0576

Thursday, April 17, 2008

New FC Tee + Summer Preview!

Check out this fresh new black or white (inverted colors) tee from your buddies at Flying Coffin. Take one home for only $34 right now! Also, keep an eye out for the upcoming April's FC New Era release. Here's a preview ;)

"Good Love" Premiere

A few minutes late but I can't stop playin it since I first heard it a few weeks back. It's first single off 2008s "Silverback Gorilla" the 3rd solo album from Sheek Louch of the Lox/D-Block. Take a second a peep how it goes down.

Monday, February 25, 2008

New Crooks T

If your an Infamous fan like myself, this shit is a must. $32 + S&H but use the promo code to your right or one they provide and you can often get free shipping or a good 20% off. Other colors are available. To purchase click here.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Talib Kweli "Hostile Gospel" Premier

Debut video from the Just Blaze produced track off Talib's 2007 "Eardrum".

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Puma in collaboration with Mad Magazine & Boston-based lifestyle boutique is releasing a special edition sneaker featuring the characters from the infamous "Spy vs. Spy" comic strips. This special edition sneaker is an off-spin of the classic "Sky II Hi" model and is teaming with detailed works from the hilarious men in black and white.

Other features include premium leather, clear out soles with artwork underneath, a handy "hash-stash" pocket with a message waiting to be decoded, removable inner soles, and more.

These beauts will be released on Feburary 23rd and will be available at numerous locations including: Bodega, Atmos, Classic Kicks, Alife, Premium Goods, Ubiq, Huf, Undefeated and Livestock.

Don't miss out!

Karmaloop Promo: SPHERE

Use quickly! Free shipping on any purchase over $25! Not too many offers like this. Start buy clicking the add to the left for an extra 20% off when using my REP code! ;-)

ALIFE x Nike Blazer High & Mids

These fresh new Nikes exclusively from ALIFE can be yours for a mere $80 bones! If your looking for a higher end sneaker the mids range anywhere from $75-$120 depending on style. Get em' now!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Flying Coffin x New Era April Release Sneak Peek

According to clothing company Flying Coffin, the New Era shown above is one of two new styles that will be released this April. The second will, however, be kept a secret until the release. FC also will be releasing numerous other apparel in April. To check out there current linecheck out

or to purchase other exclusive FC wear, try