Saturday, January 26, 2008

Flying Coffin x New Era April Release Sneak Peek

According to clothing company Flying Coffin, the New Era shown above is one of two new styles that will be released this April. The second will, however, be kept a secret until the release. FC also will be releasing numerous other apparel in April. To check out there current linecheck out

or to purchase other exclusive FC wear, try

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How To Make Authentic Lean/Purple Drank

"For all you dumb muthafuckaz I'ma break it down illa"

So today we're going to learn how to make authentic purple drank, lean, sizzurp. Lean is an fairly popular drink popularized in Houston, Texas. (Especially amongst DJ Screw fans). It is more or less composed of some sort of soft drink (Sprite is pretty much all you wanna use however) and a particular kind of cough syrup, prescription grade unless you live in Mexico I'm guessin..

First of all we'll list off the things you need to make Lean and the things you'll more than likely want to use to make it authentic.

  1. Prescription grade cough syrup, most important ingredient. MUST CONTAIN *Promethazine AND *Codeine.
  2. Get a bottle of Sprite (best way to mix)
  3. Poor approximately 2-8 oz. of your special syrup into a Styrofoam cup, you can find em' at your local liquor store.
  4. Mix thoroughly and add a Jolly Rancher or two if you like.
  5. IF you feel neccesary you may add some Milk of Magnesia. This tends to help constipation which might occur. Don't trip when someone says "you dunno what your doing".
Sit back and enjoy.

Now the most important things to remember when people attempt to tell you other wise. DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT attempt to use any other kind of syrup, it's not the same if your lookin' to sip like a true playa. DO NOT add alcohol, unless you feel like passin' out for the night or even possibly

This is your best tutorial for creating your favorite Southern drank, leeeean back and have fun! How to make lean.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Juice - Death Certificate Mixtape

Hosted by DJ Skee, DJ Haze & September 7th

1 - Intro
2 - King
3 - Never feat.Scarface
4 - Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It feat. Ice Cube
5 - Crooked I Interlude
6 - The W feat. Roccett & Crooked I
7 - Drivin' Down The Freeway (Rollin 2007)
8 - Illest New Rapper Alive feat. VL
9 - For A Minute feat. B.G.
10 - Sweet feat. Jay-Z
11 - Most Anticipated
12 - Juice Interlude
13 - No Half Steppin' feat. Nas
14 - Put Ya Hands Up
15 - Girl You Know feat. Scarface
16 - Midnight Rider
17 - Welcome To My Hood feat. Gage
18 - What Goes Around Interlude
19 - What Goes Around feat. Focus, Mike Anthony & Warren G
20 - Halos feat. Hell Razah & Crooked I
21 - Outro

I decided to up this mixtape after listening to it one time, not merely on the fact that this sensational emcee hails from Phoenix, Arizona. It's truly one of the best mixtapes I've heard in the past five years. Tracks like "Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It" featuring the West Coast legend Ice Cube are bound to bang on any system. Shit is somethin to cop for sure, check the link below and spread word cause this is the new breathe of west coast.

Juice - Death Certificate Mixtape (RapidShare)

I ♥ Irak

$45 a pop at your local ALIFE location. Vancouver•NY•LA

-DZA, back online