Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This years Flying Coffin Halloween Pack will being going on sale TONIGHT at 12AM. I missed out on mine barely last year so make sure your ready with your credit/debit cards! The special edition T-Shirt and hat are both pumpkinhead themed and the hats interior is a combination of "pumpkin guts on satin" as FC.com put it.

Again, both the tee and hat will be going up for sale at 12:00AM October, 1st.

Enjoy the previews and both pieces can be found at the following distributors. ;)

goods (WA), 5 & a dime (SD), kicks/hi (HI), union (NY), beantic (CA), major (DC), boundless (NY), rco (CA), speakeasy (CO), ftc sac (CA), hecklewood (OR), krudmart (NY), saint alfred (IL), the denver shop (CO), fitted (HI), citizen (MI), hospitality (VA), monkey bizz (sweden).

5 Hottest Emcee's From Phoenix, Arizona

Willy Northpole

- Coming straight outta South Phoenix, Northpole's blend of West Coast Gangsta Rap and hot club tracks can easily be identified as the most popular and notable artist thus far. He is certainly paving a new road for Arizona artists, especially with his 2008 break-out hit 'Body Marked Up' which boasts the tales of tattooed criminals and thugs. Willy Northpole also signed to Ludacris' label, DTP. Hopefully he hangs in there, kicks out some bangers and drops an album.


- Since his signing with Black Wall Street, Juice has released a slew of singles that hit the airwaves in the greater Phoenix area along with a mixtape/street album titled 'Death Certificate' that featured such revered artists as Jay-Z, Scarface, Nas, and many more. He has been compared to his label Co-Owner and affiliate, The Game, on many occasions and widely regarded as one of the best emcees in Phoenix.


- One of Phoenix's first nationally recognized emcees, Atllas has come along way from being featured on an episode of MTV's "Made". Growing up in Maryville on the West Side of Phoenix wasn't the easiest accomplishment, so after accruing a sufficient amount of funds, he invested into recording his musical talents. He has managed to become affiliated with legendary underground label, Rawkus Records and has been featured in notable Hip-Hop magazines The Source and XXL. He has released two full-length albums which have sold as many as +40,000 copies and 6 mixtapes. He is also looking to released a third album titled, "Say Hello To The Crook".

Roca Dolla

- Roca Dolla is one of many artists signed to the independent label, 5fith Coast Records, strictly promoting Arizona artists. Despite his obscurity, he has managed to gain a lot of hometown publicity with the hit single "Swell" not to mention opening for larger acts, one of which includes another local favorite, Willy Northpole. He recently released his debut album "Roca is A Classic". Many appearances from Phoenix rappers are made on the album, which again include Northpole, C-Note, and Man-Up Squad affiliate Cinque.


- Last, we have Cinque. Although, unsigned and unrecognized nationally unlike the rest of the listed emcees, Cinque has a more lyrical style but still manages to intergrate a hardcore Gangsta Rap theme into his music. He is closely associated with Man-Up Squad and fellow member, Willy Northpole. He has released numerous mixtapes and even a street album called "Angel Dust" and has also been known to collaborate with Phoenix rapper Hot Rod who is currently signed to G-Unit Records. Whatever Arizona has in store for it's future in Hip-Hop, I'm sure we'll be seeing more of Q.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Flying Coffin Fall 2008

This is just a peek at what Flying Coffin has in store for the fall and winter of the 2008 season. The hat shown above is priced at $45 and the tee at $33. Both pieces can be purchased at flyingcoffin.com in the store section. For a direct link see below. Check out there other new designs and colors available this season.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Green Jello / Jelly 2008 Re-Union

In 2008, Green Jelly decided to tour yet again across the United States on what is thus far known as the "GREEN JELLO, RADIOACTIVE CHICKEN HEADS, MANDOWN & ROSEMARYS BILLYGOAT Tour". Fans eagerly await the beginning of the tour which kicks off on September 17th. For more information, go to the Green Jelly MySpace Page at MySpace.com/Greenjelly

"The year was 1981 and Green Jelly (or then known as Green Jello) would become one of
the most obscure but also one of the most inspiring comedy relief punk bands of its time. By 1984 they released there first EP effort, 'Let It Be'. Numerous songs ended up on later albums and were known to Green Jello fans as classic such as "Whip Me Teenage Babe" which ended up on there 1989 debut Triple Live Möther Gööse at Budokan.

Although commercial success was never something Green Jello accomplished to the full extent, they did have there short stint in the spot light with the released of 1992's "Three Little Pigs", the story of how the commonly referred to fairytale characters, were nothing more than pot-smoking, trouble makers. The single caught heavy rotation on MTV and amongst popular radio stations. It even featured a cameo by Tool lead singer Maynard James Keenan.

Heavily influenced by Shock-Rock band GWAR, Green Jelly was even noted to have learned how to make there latex costumes from the inspirational group. Though there antics didn't earn them glorious fab and fame, they remain a favorite to many, especially for their notoriety as trying to be the worst band ever.

I know I'll be seeing them September 22nd in Phoenix, AZ.

Words by: DZA