Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Leaf Erikson - The Great Big Nothing

Just stumbled upon this over at RHHB.blogspot
It's simply amazing and if you don't already have it (which chances are you don't) you need to cop this immediately. The D doesn't have a lot of artists but they are always on point. Get em'

01. Rare Form
02. 15800
03. Everywhere But Nowhere
04. Rain Delay
05. Dumbstruck
06. Work ft. AC Pull & Buried Glory
07. Almost Time 4 Life ft. Blake Eerie
08. Uranus
09. Third Person
10. Dis ft. AHK
11. Motor City Madness ft. Blake Eerie
12. End All, Be All
13. Djarum

The Great Big Nothing (RapidShare)

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