Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Bloody Life: The Making of a Latin King

In my 20 years on this earth not only have I become very involved in the gangbang culture physically but emotionally. I have researched, observed, partook in gang activity (unbeknownst to most) and read many first-hand accounts of gangbanger life on numerous occasions. I would just like to say this sits on a pedestal next to Blue Rage, Black Redemption (The autobiography of Stanley "Tookie" Williams, co-founder of the notorious street gang, The Crips). Not for it's intense wordplay or even so-often touching moments but for its frequent and accurate accounts of hood life and what truly goes on in the deep, inner-cities of today. I hope anyone who is a fan of Tookie's life story and was as touched as I was, gets a chance to read this book for themselves.

Reymundo Sanchez recalls life growing up in Chicago, starting at a very young age after his family moved from Puerto Rico. His tragic events include everything from rape and being raped, to murder/homocide, drug abuse and his biggest struggle: making it OUT alive after pursuing a life as a ruthless gangster. Almost every page captures a vivid picture of everyday life for a young minority attempting to prove himself to his Latin comrades and escape his own cowardice. The shock value is far above it's predecessors but lacks true heartfelt compassion until the very end. Once he captures that moment though, you feel as if he really accomplished and climaxed at a level beyond expected. I would, again, recommend this book to anybody interested in the dangers of inner-city violence and the troubled urban youth of today.

Other novels by Sanchez or co-wrote by him include:

Lady Q: The Rise And Fall Of A Latin Queen
(by Reymundo Sanchez & Sonia Rodriguez)

Once A King, Always A King
(by Reymundo Sanchez)

You can find all books at your local Barnes & Noble or online at Amazon.com
Also, I'm not sure if this is his official page but its the only current account under that name that logs on everyday, so show some love

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