Tuesday, January 6, 2009

EPMD - We Mean Business (Review + Re-Up)

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We Mean Business, the first group album from Erick & Parrish in nearly 10 years displays a huge amount of EPMD's earliest lyrical and instrumental potency throughout the record. I'd like to first note that I would list this in the top 10 albums of 2008.

Erick and Parrish are back and aren't showing any signs of aging weakness. Not only are they on top of lines and delivery but the album is laced with a fairly impressive featured roster that always helps to add some interesting interactive play between artists. Some of the best tracks include featured acts such as KRS-One, Redman and Keith Murray. On the track "Yo!" featuring the Funk Doc himself, Erick & Parrish demolish verses competitively. However, it's not only the lyrically inventiveness along with a mixture of guest appearances that make this release impressive, songs such as "Bac Stabbers" that show just how EPMD managed to overcome past differences and not fall victim to double-crossers turning the two against each other. Also, they managed to create such singles that rhythmically insure a mellow style and good vibe like "Listen Up" featuring former BLACKstreet member, Teddy Riley.

The video can be seen here.

We Mean Business (zShare)

We Mean Business (Badongo)

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