Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Valley Metro Light Rail - PHX, AZ

I'm sure everybody already knows since it was completely free up until the last day of December but the Valley Metro Light Rail system is finally open! The route so far stretches from the edge of Mesa all the way to 19th Avenue & Montebello, similar to the Red Line Bus Route. I got a chance to take a ride along the entire route on it's last free day of operating and it was pretty amazing. The trip lasted about an hour and a half or close to two hours when going directly from 19th and Montebello to it's last departure on Sycamore and Main Street. According to schedule the trip generally lasts about 70 minutes. On our way back, we decided to get off and walk around Mil Avenue for a bit and explore. After we were satisfied, it was time for our trip back towards 19th. The ride overall was fairly cramped (almost entirely because it was still free), I however managed to remain seated virtually the entire way. Along the entire 20-mile route, there are approximately 28 stations that you can board and depart from. Fare is the same as riding the local Bus Routes, which came as a surprising shock to me. For those that don't know the fares you can check out all fares, schedules and other information at valleymetro.org

Overall, I was impressed with the ride. Hopefully, safety remains an issue and they continue to expand and maintain our new addition the city.

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